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Post-Conviction, Post-Remand, Discretionary Appeals: 7-13 (Click on a link for case description - Click on the case name below for the court's opinion)



15.) - Conviction vacated - Crumes v. Commonwealth, Case 2017-CA-001520-MR, 2019 Ky App. LEXIS 75 (Apr. 26, 2019) (trial judge erred by rejecting the alleged eyewitness’s renunciation of his trial testimony where no DNA, video, footprint, gunshot residue or other corroborating evidence supported the conviction; new trial ordered)

14.) - Granted - Ohio v. Pleatman, C/15/CRB/3915, January 5, 2016 (Criminal harassment sentenced stayed by trial court pending appeal)

13.) - Granted - Troja v Pleatman, C150746, December 16, 2015 (Stay pending appeal granted by Court of Appeals)

12.) - Granted - State of Ohio v. Judge Jody Luebbers, C150739, December 16, 2015 (Peremptory Writ or Procedendo granted by Court of Appeals ordering trial court to sign entry or release defendant)

11.) - Granted - US v. Grisel II, (Feb. 7, 2008), 6th Cir. No. 07-1524: appellants' motion to hold briefing in abeyance granted

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10.) - Granted - US v. Grisel I, (July 19, 2007), unreported (6th Circuit), : appeal is not for delay and raises a substantial question of law or fact likely to result in a reversal; trial court order denying bond reversed.

9.) - Granted - Mandamus In re Bowman, (Dec 9, 1997) unreported 6th Cir. No. 97-3893: Petition for mandamus to require trial judge to recuse self granted; new trial judge ordered.

8.) - Affirmed - US v. Bowman II, unreported 1996 US App LEXIS 26272 (6th Circuit, July 29, 1996): Defendant not entitled to stay trial pending appellate review of pretrial issues.

7.) - Affirmed - US v. Bowman I, (October 3, 1996), unreported 96-3845 (6th Cir. 1996): Defendant not entitled to release pending appeal.

6.) - Granted - US v. Simms, unreported 1996 US App LEXIS 1426 (6th Circuit, Jan 4, 1996): Defendant entitled to release pending appeal.

5.) - Affirmed - US v. Parillo III, unreported, 1995 US App. LEXIS 16133 (6th Circuit, Jun. 27, 1995): Trial counsel not proven to be ineffective despite errors.

4.) - Affirmed - Ohio v. Hill, (Jun 16, 1995), unreported, 95-LW-1746 (11th): Death penalty defendant not denied due process under any of 18 theories, including claim of right to conduct DNA test not available at trial.

3.) - Denied - US v. Parillo II, unreported, 1994 US App. LEXIS 413 (6th Circuit, Jan 7, 1994): Trial court's sentence calculation on re-sentencing held not unreasonable.

2.) - Affirmed - Ohio v. Draughn II, (March 29, 1993), unreported 93-LW-1001 (5th): On retrial after reversal, trial counsel waived any claim of error by acquiescing in trial court's procedures.

1.) - Affirmed - Ohio v. Fry, (Dec. 11, 1992) unreported, 92-LW-5557 (11th): denial of post-conviction motion to vacate guilty plea based on ineffective assistance of counsel without hearing was not reversible error.

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