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18.) - Won – Abdullah Al-Zubi, DDS. v. Cosmetic and Implant Dental of Cincinnati, (2019): granting motion to vacate prior award to plaintiff of $92,471.05 plus attorney fees and finding defendants owe only $1,549 and no attorney fees.

17.) - Won - LUC v. Kohlhaas, (2009), unreported: Judgment for plaintiffs for $225,000 on breach of contract action in Dearborn Superior Court, Lawrenceburg, IN.

16.) - Settled after defendants' summary judgment motion denied - Florence Urgent Care, Inc., PSC, et al. v. HealthSpan, et al., U.S. Southern District of Ohio: 1:04-CV-00177: race discrimination by preferred provider organization against Arab doctors.

15.) - Lost at trial; Won on appeal - Edwards v. Grant Anesthesia Associates, Franklin County, Ohio with J. Boyd Binning: doctor's practice group exclusion of a member was proper; reversed (2000), No. 99-AP-1364.

14.) - Lost at trial; Lost on appeal - Ekman v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, U.S. Tax Court: depreciation of experiment expenses was proper, but deduction was improper.

13.) - Lost at trial; Won mandamus relief to replace judge; Lost on appeal - U.S. v. David Bowman, US District Southern Ohio, with Mark Lane: tax protestor convicted of failing to file tax returns-mandamus against district court judge awarded by Sixth Circuit; conviction ultimately upheld.

12.) - Lost at trial; Won on appeal - U.S. v. Frank Stavroff, US District Southern Ohio, with J. Boyd Binning: tax fraud & false tax filings conviction-issues successfully preserved and 6th Circuit reversed.

11.) - Lost - Whitehall ex rel. Fennessy v. Bambi Motel, Franklin County, Ohio: injunction granted closing motel as public nuisance; upheld (1998), 131 Ohio App.3d 734 (different appellate counsel).

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10.) - Won - U.S. v. Sheriff Fred Abdalla, US District Southern Ohio, for David Jividen and Max Kravitz: Jury acquitted Sheriff Abdalla of taking bribe (Hobbs Act).

9.) - Won - Ohio v. Wilson, Franklin County, Ohio, with J. Boyd Binning: found not guilty of aggravated murder and murder; convicted of manslaughter.

8.) - Won - Ohio v. Morgan, Fairfield County, Ohio, for Max Kravitz: State RICO cannot be predicated on federal conspiracy to gamble; upheld (1994), 71 Ohio St. 3d 178.

7.) - Won - Allen v. Wehkamp, Montgomery County. Ohio: Civil RICO with treble actual damages awarded for employees' takeover of business while owner hospitalized.

6.) - Settled for 1/10 of assessment - In Re John P. Pugh, US Bankruptcy Southern Ohio: IRS reclassification of subcontractors settled based upon Section 530 of the Revenue Act of 1938.

5.) - Lost at trial; Settled at oral argument of appeal - In Re Mozelle Olson, US District Northern Ohio (Bankruptcy appeal): sanctions order reversed where matter exclusively within control of debtor's prior counsel.

4.) - Won - Haldeman v. Ohio Department of Rehabilitations & Correction, Ohio Court of Claims: prisoner entitled to compensation for being held in prison past the date of release based upon judge's calculation of good time - ODRC does not have the right to override the judge's ruling.

3.) - Settled before trial - Federated Department Stores v. JDS Rental Group, Inc., Montgomery County, Ohio: motion to dismiss for failure to join the original tenant granted, case settled.

2.) - Lost at trial; Lost on appeal - Ohio v. Gamboa, Morrow County, Ohio: Marijuana trafficking.

1.) - Lost on summary judgment; won on appeal - Roe v. Heap, Franklin County, Ohio, for J. Boyd Binning: libel, invasion of privacy, and false light invasion of privacy issues.

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